We are evolving 3D projection environments

wih a projection Portal that is compatible with VR, 360° & HD formats.

So that you can manage,
experience & share your media...

Through your immersive dashboard. Launch & play our prebuilt tools, integrate yours or add & create your own portal applications. All from one efficient, easy-to-navigate UI that lets you seamlessly transition between immersive applications.

Trusted by brands worldwide. Built for you.
forget lengthy explanations, indigestable information & Flatscreen experiences

Step into the action.
Discover The Spatial Power of a Portal.

Portals deliver information naturally, allowing you to engage, share, collaborate, train & learn as we have evolved to
– using our 3D spatial senses.
Time Efficiency

Time Efficiency

Qualitative interactions based on sensory intuition increase productivity.

Highly Affordable

Highly Affordable

Projection technology isn't expensive. Portals welcome a new-age for projection tech.

Spatial Memorization

Spatial Memorization

Utilising your senses in full 3D to build muscle memory, learn quicker & retain information.

Repeat, Replay & Re-do

Repeat, Replay & Re-do

Test designs, practice learning, procedures & upskill with no additional costs.

Varied Perspectives

Varied Perspectives

Step into multiple viewpoints & experience pre-recorded & live perspectives.

Share Virtual Experiences

Share Virtual Experiences

Co-exist virtually and physically, share ideas & see others is critical to team working.

OUR Technology
Experience virtual reality as an
extension of your actuality.
With hardware & software support the Portal Play platform is a fully immersive seedbed environment for your innovations.
A Snapfit solution to adapt new and upcoming technology at low cost.
compatible with

We Make Immersive Projection


Scaling YOUR Space To Create your environment

Fix your Portal to your walls, or take it with you


A 3D immersive projection environment with a standalone & portable framework built to work around you.


A 3D immersive projection environment integrated directly into existing infrastructure or available spaces.

Use our Portal builder to define your needs, or schedule a call with an expert!

Connect with our product team of Co-creators and we'll assist you from planning to evolution.

find your sensory freedom & immersively connect locations

In any of our flexible Portal forms


We're experts at immersive innovation that doesn't break the bank.

Our Portals and Play platform enable our clients to advance their digital media assets, workflows and how they can interact with all their stakeholders more meaningfully using immersion.


  • It’s in your real, spatial world, great for collaboration but also user longevity.
  • 94% of your senses are dedicated to audio visual inputs, so these should be immersed and employed to digest information and understand subjects more deeply through experience.
  • Most of our working practices (and technologies) completely ignore the need for sensory interaction and require us to work harder, and focus more on tasks that are flat, or not built for our 3D minds.

Send us a message and one of the Portal Co-creator team will be in touch to discuss how we can help you immerse.

Delivering Flexible Immersive Technology ​

Industry Use Cases

The benefits of immersion aren’t confined or even limited, and every organisation is different. It interlinks industries, technology and people to deliver a natural way to inspire, engage and experience information for a deeper digital connection built on sensory interactions.

Virtual training, customizable training programs, improving cognition & much more with technological innovation…

Create, review & evolve scenes in real-time & collaborate from anywhere. Focused on low Cost & hassle-free production….

Collate colossal data sets in easy to visualise packages & enable 3D interaction between your team & your data….

Make learning active, by experiencing information, & scenarios to visualize the learning process & absorb information through sensory engagement…

Workflows that empower our sensory systems and promote deeper engagement and understanding….

Remote view, control or communicate in fully projected spatial 3D & record sessions with Portal Perspectives…..

Fully Immersive Virtual Projection
Evolving Technical Capabilities Together

Co.Laborate With Us

Fully supported, remote or onsite. Whenever you need it

Utilise the Portalco dev. team to support yours

Innovation, development and strategical planning

Access to the Portalco developer network & program

Work directly with Portalco to plan and deliver technically leading immersive installations that put you in control of the technology and the budget

License to play with 5x lifetime licenses of Portal Play included

Sharing Innovation

Join The Co.laborator Program Today

We’re collaborating with organisations like yours all around this awe-inspiring planet, join us in our fully supported development program, & step right in, to your own virtual world.


Most of your devices, and a variety of peripherals built for use with immersive technologies. You can also sync, view and interact with your Portal on any desktop PC. Any device you use can sync to the Portal Play platform, speak to our team to find out more.

Usually by walking straight in. But mainly through our exclusive development and integrator program- co.lab (linked)

Yes indeed, Portals were conceptualised to bridge between technologies including VR, AR, AI and- of course- flatscreen formats.

Yes indeed, Portals are totally interoperable, and are designed to be, so that your people (wherever they are) can absorb identical perspectives and understanding of key tasks, projects or problem areas.

Absolutely-not. VR is a key player as it empowers you to maximise the immersive nature and Humanscale of a Portal. Portals though offer a platform to utilise any content, from anywhere, and if it isn’t already available then our dev team will work alongside yours, to make it happen.

Roomscale requires 1-day modelling and 1-day installation. Humanscale Portals are rapid set-up, a 2m Portal would appear in as little as 2-3 hours fully calibrated, whilst a 9m Portal would take a minimum of 6-hours to build.

Smaller Portals and many usages focus on single user training, workflows or engagements built specifically for the Humanscale. Portals up-to 2m facilitate and interact with up-to 10 people, whilst larger Portals and Roomscale Portals are unlimited in their scale and capacity.

Of course, Portals have a range of built-in facilities to accomodate a variety of human interactions for all scenarios.

Very portable. It was a key design aspect to ensure Portal users can mobilise their Portal and maximise it’s reach.

With an intuitive user focused interface designed to provoke natural interaction between human and machine. You can choose between handheld controllers, remote PC or handsfree.

From 2m.sq. to your Requirement Based.

Well there is Humanscale, Roomscale, Cube, Dome and Cylinder variants. It's not really about a "best form", it's more about the integration, the specification of the opportunity and the delivery of your digital information to your people. If you're unsure, then book a demo and we’ll explore together.

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