Cylinder Projection


Cylinders are well known in the 360 industry. Organically they deliver the same perspective which many of us are used to when it comes to perspective immersion- a wide angle panoramic view that we often see as a 180-degree or 360-degree landscape. This can be a total wrap around, it can also be a curved wall or feature to any work or play space.  

Omni-directional Audio Built-in

Realistic Approach To Integration

Fully immersive 360-degree View

Re-experience training days, meetings, visits

Intuitive UI For All-round Usability

Stream from anywhere to any device

Increased User Brain Activity

Designed for multiple engines

Sync teams, apps & locations


An infinite curve, that's easy to get lost in. A full 360° wide angle view, no different to the panorama shots and filming that are growing in use throughout film and media production. One curved surface to house a world of connectivity, exploration, learning and immersive understanding.


Cylinder Portals are standalone projection suites, turn-key solutions that encompass the performance and functionality that we're all used but delivered, through a compact (or cavernous) humanscale environment, designed to deliver information and content naturally, spatially, as a fully controllable extension of reality.

A circumference that's adaptable to any conference, meeting, project or engagement.

From 180 to 360. 3m to 9m+

Portals are designed for maximal usability, so not only can you pick them up in modules and move them where you need them, but the maximal height of a Cylinder Portal is 2.2m. This is groovy and shockingly unique. Portals fit anywhere people do.


360 Projection

Full 360 wraparound projection. No limits, no seriously.

Data Feeds

Multiple data feeds can be combined at a single instance through multi-view ability

Operating System

Base system for you to build from. Add your content & integrate our tools.

Immersive Content

Immersive, 360, XR or flat-screen, with multiple forms of content supported

360 Sound

Along with vision, sound can help direct the user and the content

Unlimited Choices

To control, expand and link peripheral technologies

High ROI

Being flexible matters with cost-savings , travel reduction, training & decision-making

UI for all

Intuitive user interface designed for natural interactions & all user levels

Hybrid System

A hybrid system built for cross-compatibility, flexibility as a 3D spatial PC

360 immersive cube room

3D Projection Environments

  •   Starting from 3m diameter
  •   Reaching out to 9m
  •   Custom requirements
  •   Built, delivered & installed by in-house design engineers
  •   Unwavering & Unlimited Support
  •   Access To Portalco Development Facilities
d illustration spherical 360 vr degrees, a seamless panorama of the room and interior design (3D rendering)

Share VR, Share Virtually Anything

Working doesn’t have to be so static, so repetitive and so draining. What drains us is that our systems and interfaces are not designed to engage us, our computers don’t work for us, we work on them.So if we engage our teams with shareable, natural displays that encourage totally natural engagement, can work, learn and play harder, more actively, with our intuition.

Integrate yours in less than 28-days

Portals are inclusively for everyone

Portals For Business

We understand that your business is investing in technology, to benefit your people. So we have a range of options available to suit your organisation, and you can guarantee that we will always be there, because once integrated we continually, monitor, support and evolve your teams understanding, the technologies performance and your outcomes. 

Portals For Developers

If you are looking to develop a use case, evolution or project, then we’re ready for that too. An industry-leading developer mode puts the power in your hands to create from any source of content or media, and of course our development and support teams are always on-hand to keep-up with yours.

Portals For People

Because Portals are not just the evolutionary platform for projection technology- it’s human technology, created to improve human-digital interactions. Technology to reconnect us and keep us in control and in touch with our digital assets as they evolve too. That’s the reason for inception, because people need intuitive and natural formats, not clunky input devices and blinding lights.



With no wires, discomfort, dizzyness or other, Portals provide a platform for collaboration and deeper understanding with no distractions, restraints or strictly individual virtual worlds.


The critical cog, to evolving how we consume media, how we can leverage our senses, and enjoy deeper more interactive digital experiences, designed for people and their sensors.


We know that a Portal just the beginning so our control system is dynamic, interoperable and expansive, to deliver technology integrations today and be ready for those of tomorrow.


Whatever the subject, source or idea, portals enable a visualisation and experience of a vision, before any cost or commitment.


Decisions can be made faster, perspectives can be shared, and teams can use their senses to understand projects more deeply.

Immerse your people for better understanding.

With so much information in the airwaves, it’s hard to keep up, it’s hard to remember. So finding new methods and mediums of delivery means you can ensure your people are engaged to their maximal using technology which uses but not abuses their senses. 

What's in the Cylinder-shaped box?

  •   4-8 3D Projectors.
  •   360-directional sound system.
  •    Intuitive simplified user interface.
  •   Multiple control mechanisms.
  •   A variety of specifiable inputs.
  •   Full 360° branded exterior options.
  •   Open, closed or doorway entry systems.
  •   High luminance projection screen.
  •   Light, durable and collapsible components.
  •   Standalone fully contained framework.

What's the Portal process?

It’s simple, we plan, we integrate, you deliver to your people.
We make sure your tech keeps evolving with your people and your organization.


And understand the most immediate needs, mission critical and short-mid term goals.


With integrated custom programs/as requested/pre-loaded.


With your people, training mechanisms and systems


We evolve the plan, and we mould the portal with your human and organizational evolution.

Growing Your Immersion Through Effective Delivery Of An Immersive Strategy

User interfaces will be immersive, they have to be, to enable us. So we'll help you develop and deliver an immersive strategy bespoke to your people, your goals, and your needs. And it's easy because the PortalPlay platform is built to grow, and we are here to support your innovations- here's just a few

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