The Impact of Immersion On Active Gaming & Immersing eSport

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As the appetite for immersive content grows, video gaming will be at the forefront. It’s estimated that the world is home to almost two billion gamers, with this figure only set to further skyrocket in time to come. But gone are the days where gaming is a mere unproductive hobby; the global industry is worth almost $85 billion (£60 billion), and an industry worth over $900 million has accumulated in esports alone.

Almost a billion of us tune into gaming tournaments, where we watch players across the world battle it out on many titles for trophies and top cash prizes.

Immersive technologies unlock further potential for esports to flourish further and offer a more enriching experience to both contestants and spectators.

Put the ‘sport’ in ‘esports’

Who says esports tournaments always have to be done with the players all sitting down in chairs? Immersive portals allow users to move physically around a virtual space, and support gesture control and motion tracking.

Not only does this pave the way for the creation of even more captivating games relying on physical movement as well as strategy and skill, but it also carries the potential to revolutionise the entire world of esports, by making it more like a physically active sport in its own right.

A greater depth of field

With their environment all around them rather than merely presented through a two-dimensional screen, players can get a greater sense of where they are in the game’s virtual world. They can even see in-game objects from any perspective and interact with them as if they were really there.

A whole new league

Whether it’s Super Smash Bros, Fortnite or Overwatch, many of the most popular competitive games have their own dedicated leagues (and not necessarily just one!). And now, leagues exist specifically for VR games and players who use the technology.

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