How Museum Exhibitions Are Leveraging Immersion To Delve Deeper Into Understanding

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The key to creating a memorable museum exhibition is to transport the visitor directly to its story. But the immersive experience is often limited by the walls of the building, a limited number of windows and the glass panels shielding every artefact.

But the power of VR can change all that. Now, thanks to immersive technology solutions, museums can bring their collections to life like never before and take visitors on captivating tours around virtual historical worlds.

Storytelling like never before

With VR, museums can tell artefacts’ fascinating stories in a way which traditional information plaques or leaflets can’t come close to. Transform paintings from their two-dimensional into three-dimensional virtual worlds complete with motion and compelling surround sound. Just take a look at Motion Magic’s marvellous take on Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” for a taster of what exhibitions can do!

In 2019, the Louvre ran an exhibition “Mona Lisa: Beyond the Glass” which not only walked visitors through the famous painting’s history and context, but also visually presented Leonardo da Vinci’s innovative painting techniques in a mesmerising way.

Virtual museum tours

Royal Tyrrell Museum | 360 Video | Google Jump 8K | Alberta, Canada

The Royal Tyrrell museum in Canada launched a virtual 360 video tour of its exhibitions, allowing viewers to gain a glimpse of these historical snapshots without having to leave their chair.

Though this virtual tour launched before the coronavirus pandemic even began, it was ahead of its time! Museums around the world could take notes on these technologies and continue to offer visitors a tour of their exhibitions virtually, even when lockdowns force them to shut

Get a feel for everything

Museums pique our curiosity. Sometimes, when you see something that really fascinates you, it’s not enough just to stare at it; you’d want to pick it up, turn it around and properly investigate it. Obviously, however, we really can’t be trusted to handle such priceless artefacts! Does that necessarily mean we only have to look at everything from one angle? Well, at least one museum begs to differ…without sacrificing their precious collections to potential damage or theft!

In 2020, the Sanxingdui Museum in China has introduced an AR exhibition which allows users to experience and interact with 360 models of artefacts without having to handle them.

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