Don't just read your data, sense it, absorb it & share it with the help of immersive technologies


Data Processing

Data processing through immersion, can be faster, it can be more inclusive, and more understandable for stakeholders as well as analysts.

Portals provide an immersive workspace, that is often focused as a working tool and data is one of those fields that is an exemplary example of what immersion can do for digesting heavy information, but instead experiencing the information, employing new workflows, algorithms that highlight critical representations and a developable worskspace which can be customised with ease to your organization.

Elevate Your Data Into Your 3rd Dimension

Changing the way we interact with our information through experience

The reality of immersive data visualisation

Truly connecting humans to data (and not just databases) is one of the trickiest parts because our information systems (IT) is built for the data, not the user, this lack of connectiion is partly responsible for the growing demand for analysts that is rapidly outpacing
the supply, and this is a big problem. Immersion is the solution, immersion is the change the field needs to reconnect people more deeply with machines.



Rapid Uptake

Multiple Dimensions

Multiple Senses



Gauge multiple perspectives, viewpoints & work with collaborative tools

Feel it, sense it, eat it

Delivering Digestable Data

Data can be hard to process, it can be even harder to absorb, understand, analyse and train new users. And whilst there is platforms that offer dynamic interfaces, they aren’t immersive and they aren’t sensory. So given the colossal data requirements of today and what that will look like in 10-years time, it is critical to deliver a more human-level of data analysis, that goes beyond vision, words and excel like databases, that steps into a portal-based realm, to replicate sensory process used in the 3D world in which we exist.

Share -> Engage -> Optimize

Shared Context & Consensus

Teams can understand as one through a shared perspective, understanding & context with single, dynamic methods for operational insights.

Greater Engagement

Via intuitive presentation to your team, stakeholders & clients, engage every part of your organisation, with limitless potential to immerse.

Optimisation for people

What happens when you take flat, heavy, numerical data, and create an immersive digital experience? You optimize it for the users sensory system.

Take your concept, spec your system

Or ask us about the available range of apps, tools and programs available in HD & 360-3D. 

Empowering digital connections

Analysing Data Like Never Before

In using senses, we analyse naturally, if this can happen autonomously without effort, we can be more productive, we can be sensory focused, with an increasingly human-centric approach.


For users of all levels to access data via their own sensory system.


Shared context of analysis, built for dynamic interactions & communicating visual

Increases Scale

Making patterns easier to spot, larger data sets & broader themes more visible for users.


An immersive 3D projection environment, built spatially, for a naturally 3D brain.


Re-create, re-invent re-tune minds with new workflows for your current formats.


Extend, interlink & utilise enabling technologies for a deeper extension of the digital

Interact naturally with more space to roam & less distractions

Because data comes in many forms, more often than not the challenge is communicating a deep, clinical understanding with respective teams.

accessible, equal & inclusive insights


It’s one thing understanding data through projection, but this also makes it easier to share, and not just to share the outcome, but exactly how you got there. Portals make sharing this understanding a level playing field, and this ability to share a comprehensive deeper knowledge of data is felt throughout teams and the organisation itself.

DATA delivered directly from field to user


Some of the most well known data-based fields are intriguingly ready to evolve. Take BIM for instance, a field that requires various tiers of management and analysts to collaborate. An equal perspective here is critical, and an immersive 360-degree nature allows a true spatial perspective that enhances the users real-world ability to perceive, analyse and share feedback, improvements make critical decisions.

TEST, simulate & Explore solutions in full 360


Using all forms of data together to summise a decision is often the case, but whilst this is a standard process, the step-up in experience, be it with a 360-degree live real- time view, live data feeds, or simply a 360-view of data can really offer an alternate perspective that allows a new way to deliver through decisions, and gain an all encompassing view of a project, a problem or scenario be it in a spreadsheet, graph or on the ground.
High Stakes, LOw Risk. reduce errors


Because by understanding data more thoroughly you alleviate risk, by prioviding a 360-perspective you can see and perceive more and make sure all stakeholders have a suitable perspective to work from, the value of this cannot be underestimated, because it is the basis of team work, a shared understanding, and an ability to work with and experience data, instead of a table-based review.

Build entirely unique workflows

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