Make education active & interactive with 3D immersive projection environment.

ACtivate your senses

Training, Subjects & Knowledge

We can learn through reading and writing forever, but it cannot ever replicate real-world experiences, and that’s why field-trips and work experience are so critical but unfortunately rare. Instead we can deliver experience, we can train people on scenarios, situations and subjects, and it is immersive technologies such as VR that enable us to do it.
Beyond Four walls

Immersion drives the uptake & memorization of information

Risky lessons & locations

Re-experiencing the past

Student imagination

Exploring Digital Subjects

Global accessibility to a worldwide network of educational content

Encourage real-world responses to virtual materials

Visual Learning (83% of our information is absorbed visually)


Active Education

It’s experiential, it’s sensing for yourself, it’s getting a feel for information not trying to force it in through volume repitition. It’s enabling a fair playing field to all learners and their senses and not just their capacity to read, write and regurgitate information but to experience it instead and from that create new flows of understanding. with heightened brain activity, focus, enjoyment and collaboration potential.

deliverables designed for inclusion



Enhancing the use of visual learning to
enable our largest natural input.


Lower cognitive load by growing visual
and active learning instances.


Ability to adapt, memorize and apply knowledge through direct immersion in the subject.

Got space? Well you don't even need that!

Roomscale portals are built subtly and succinctly into your existing infrastructure. You won’t need to re-configure the space or room plan;- because we plan and implement a compact system designed for covert integration so that you can do all you normally would, in an immersive room where you aren’t chasing shadows- but can open portals to wherever you like.



Education tools are often flexible, Portals are adaptable to any content format and offer opportunities for custom developments, or even challenging learners to come up with entirely new workflows utilising the ever-expanding range of emerging technologies that are Portal compatible.


Virtually anywhere, from subjects and scenarios to culture and processes


Streamlined digital production, new workflows, media and immersion


Learning can be more fun, enabling, accessible immersive technologies. By enjoying 3D learning, it lasts longer


Individuals, stakeholders, staff and group learning with increased sensory activity


Understanding real-world dynamics through greater avenues of deeper engagement


Problem areas, particular skills, or struggles that can be evolved with targetted training


We should never stop learning. At any age you should keep your brain growing, increasing activity and absorbing new inputs. But education and training are stale in almost every industry, so experiencing transformative Portal education via our senses, enables a natural learning process to ensue, which is where both Portals and your 3-Dimensional senses combine to elevate the learning experience .

We are walking 3D sensors, in a flatscreen world

Sensing Learning

We sense everything, mostly visual with over 80% of our information coming through our eyes, so standardly on this alone immersion makes sense, but following this up with a lining of other senses creates a total immersion- sensory immersion that engulfs at least 3
senses offers massive benefits in terms of information memorization and absorption because our built-in sensors are naturally built to do exactly that. We are walking 3D sensors, in a non-sensory, flat world.

bring all your digital materials together

Shared Learning

Sharing experiences is like adding another sense (or somebody else) to the mixing bowl, we can understand other perspectives, share ideas, as well as analysing and discussing them together. Sharing is a critical social aspect, that makes immersive shared learning an extremely powerful tool to employ for learners of any and all ability. This shared connection-like our senses- is often ignored but virtual technologies project it to the forefront of processes.


UNlimited content

Expanding Minds

Immersive educational content for all skill levels and ages is growing rapidly. The accessibility, quality and inclusion of using sensory technology makes it a hugely wide-reaching tool of engagement and understanding taking users well beyond the remit of 4 white walls. 

portals open doors

Exploratory Gateway

Leaving the classroom can be costly, risky and laborious, so utilising portals to go anywhere anytime whilst sharing the perspective together creates an adaptable, flexible and accessible device for learning. This sharing is a critical social aspect, that makes immersive shared


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HUMANSCALE PORTABILITY X roomscale permanence

One For the Office, One For The Road


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