Immersive Sports Events & Projecting Virtual Perspectives Commercially

VR Sports Projection Environment Shared Learning Analysis

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Imagine you’re spectating a typical sporting match. You hear the noise of the crowd. You smell the freshly-cut grass. You watch over an all-encompassing view of the action. You are fully immersed in the world of sport, and that is all thanks to your senses being stimulated at once in a single space.

With our technology, we can recreate this experience and offer it to fans even among a pandemic. So for the first time ever, they can feel like they’re really sitting in the stands, even when they aren’t physically there.

Live the game

Football fans can get the best views of all the action on the pitch – with 360 degree cameras capturing the event, fans never have to miss a moment a traditional camera might.

From Olympics athletic tracks to the Grand Prix racecourse, entire races and matches come to life through the power of VR, not just snippets. Fans who particularly want to root on their favourite athletes can focus on what they want to see, not what the camera crew wants!

Get involved!

Thanks to virtual reality portals, sports fans can feel even more involved with their favourite teams than ever before, without having to be there with them physically.

Maybe your portal can walk them through the training ground. Or maybe even let them hear the pre-match pep talks in advance. The portal is the golden opportunity to offer them much more than a television broadcast ever could!


Naturally, with lockdowns and social distancing enforced the world over, the COVID-19 pandemic has made it impossible for many sports fans from around the world to attend the tournaments and matches they were most looking forward to.

However, the show must go on. Most of those widely anticipated matches still happen, albeit behind closed arena doors. That doesn’t mean fans have to miss out, though. Because many of our portals are wide and spacious inside, fans can still experience their favourite sporting events in panoramic view together, all while socially distanced.

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