Nvidias’ Immersive Omniverse of Virtual Tools Making Immersion a Reality- Expanding the industry

Nvidia Omniverse Immersive Tools

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Nvidia has been venturing into the Omniverse for sometime now. It’s a set of tools for software developers aimed at helping them create a “metaverse” of three-dimensional virtual worlds and a concurrent set of facilities to help you create and manage your metaverse.

Obviously the metaverse has been hitting the headlines, despite the fact this only truely exists in your head- but that’s a different thought path altogether. The digital metaverse or omniverse in Nvidias’ case is right in the heart of Portal territory with most of these platforms and immersive innovations all ploying away at the immersive opportunity which however fast organisations realise it, IS going to be the future and if you look even now at our reliance on digitised 2D information/platforms it’s a pretty easy link to realise that stepping into 3D interfaces is where the digital “verse” (whichever pre-fix you choose) is really going to crank-up.

At the company’s annual technology conference, Nvidia released Omniverse Enterprise- which has been on the agenda all year. It will start at $9,000 per year and be sold by partners such as Dell Technologies and Lenovo Group- two majorly significant distributors of Nvidia chips.

Omniverse Application

The Omniverse tools help various apps used to create three-dimensional worlds out of current technologies, software tools and applications. Without doubt, it’s a bold step into the right (and the immersive) direction.

In an interview with Reuters, Richard Kerris, vice president of the Omniverse platform at Nvidia, called it “the plumbing of the virtual worlds. That’s what we’ve built. And that’s what we’re building with all of these partners.”

At current this is a business behind-the-scenes type game. And it’s technologies such as Portals which allow a totally different delivery medium for such tech advances. The Omniverse is a step towards a Portal-world.

Kerris told Reuters that Nvidia worked with more than 700 companies to test and develop the software, including firms like telecommunications equipment maker Ericsson, which used the software to create a “digital twin” of a city that it used to test cell phone signal coverage before rolling out physical trucks to install real-world antennas.

Earlier this month, Wells Fargo analyst Aaron Rakers wrote that software and other tools for creating virtual worlds could be a $10 billion market opportunity for Nvidia over the next five years – especially as firms like Meta Platforms Inc (the new/old Facebook), entice people to spend more time in what it calls the metaverse.

Nvidia’s stock market value has surged $191 billion since Facebook’s capital expenditure announcement on Oct. 25, a two-week gain that is nearly as large as rival Intel’s entire market capitalization of $209 billion an indicator of just how significant the 3D-verse will eventually be.

The “verse” is the future, and more so it is the prized asset which the largest and most forward-thinking companies and investors are looking at to add true value to their organisations, processes all of which to ultimately benefit it’s people and wider audience.

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