Our Portals: The Projection Basics & The Virtual Opportunities

cube cylinder sphere projection CAVE environments

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Visualise, communicate and interact

With our portals, you can

  • Train – Your workforce efficiently and safely
  • Share – With collaborative learning in immersive 360
  • Work – Seamlessly on your projects. Work harder and smarter
  • Save – Time, money and site visits
  • Understand – Through visual data and collaborative co-working spaces
  • Display – Your ideas in a collaborative and open space


We believe a VR experience should be every bit as personal and involving as it is captivating. From touchscreens to mini digitally-connected whiteboards for everyone, we offer various ways for you and your users to control your content, and make everyone’s experience that little more personal and involving.


Say goodbye to blending and warping. Our simple, continuous displays are designed specially for large, indoor spaces for a variety of use types. Plus, we use cameras that are automatically programmed to your choice of setup.


No need to bother with lifting heavy equipment or splashing out on costly trussing systems. We mount our projectors on the screen itself so you can maximise your space and enjoy 360° vision in your portal projection environment straightaway.


Whether you are checking out a site, observing one, or simulating it, our interactive Google-based explorer allows you to travel and annotate anywhere.


We make our portals to last and to develop with existing audiovisual content and technologies. Here’s how it works:

  1. You capture the 360 footage or provide your media.
  2. We process your content to make sure it’s Portal-ready.
  3. The PortalPlayer then converts and runs the media all for you

And that’s all there is to it!


Most importantly, we build our solutions to suit you. As well as our predefined packages, we also offer custom systems. Feel free to contact us for more information.

Customised to suit you

We believe setting up a Portal with us should be a very simple process. You choose the environment size (whether it’s humanscale or roomscale), shape and location, and we apply the system and develop your personal version of the Portal Play VR platform to integrate your content into.

Can’t find a package that quite fits your needs? We also offer custom solutions which we can tailor exactly to your needs; feel free to contact us for more information!

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