Outlined: The Portalco Vision For Immersive Projection Technology- Experiencing Information

Portalco 360 Projection Vision

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The future of entertainment is immersive. Over the past few years, virtual reality has completely transformed the way we can consume our favourite entertainment, from gaming and training to tours and advertising. With this technology, we are not only mere spectators of immersive content, but also participants.

But there does lie one huge obstacle as to why this technology isn’t implemented anywhere near as often as it should be…and that is the cost. The most high-end virtual reality headsets and other technologies are out of reach for most consumers (and businesses for that matter!) But is there a way we can make VR more accessible to everyone without sacrificing its quality?

Here at PortalCo, we believe there is. Our mission is to bring immersive reality technology to everyone by making it more accessible and affordable. We develop customisable spatial reality portals fit for all your needs, supporting your own content and letting you create unforgettable experiences for your clients that you never thought were otherwise possible.

Our Expertise

Our expertise derives from years of system design, with a global network of designers, engineers and production managers. Portalco has proficient experience in event management, media broadcasting, computing, financial management, product design, and advanced manufacture.

Our People

We have leading industry knowledge and have worked with a range of clients, from small startups to big brands. By working with our clients and industry leaders, we never ceased to take the opportunity to develop and move forward together.

Our Vibe

We are extremely passionate about immersion, simulation and developing solutions which would revolutionise the way we take in content. We strongly believe that interactive 360° media has the potential to be a much more meaningful and absorbing platform than traditional 2D solutions.

Our Promise

Our promise is to develop and deliver optimistic experiences through our advanced spatial reality systems with simple user interfaces, for exemplary storytelling and engagement. Not only do we make sure that we deliver the best solution for your organisation, but we also want to help you get the best out of your Portal. That’s why we will support you and your solution’s development with concurrent technology for many years to come.

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