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“Virtual reality”, “augmented reality”, “immersive tech”…the landscape of electronic media is becoming more advanced and interactive everyday, and as such most of us have heard some of these terms used all the time, but what do these mean?

What is immersion?

Think about how you watch your favourite films, play your favourite games and binge through your favourite box sets. Your eyes are glued to the screen as you sit at the very edge of your seat. You feel so engrossed into the characters and their lives and stories. But you are only a spectator, looking into their world through a digital, two-dimensional lens.

Immersion is what happens when technology can deceive your mind into believing everything you are sensing is actually real and physically in your reach, rather than just a digital recording or animation.

Virtual reality

This is probably the term you hear the most in discussions revolving around immersive technology. Virtual reality (VR). Many people immediately think of applications experienced through a head-mounted display such as the Oculus Rift. However, the term “virtual reality” also includes mobile applications and online applications recorded with a 360° panoramic view.

Augmented reality

Augmented reality allows us to see and interact with virtual objects through a digital window into our real world. The most widely seen example of augmented reality is mobile apps where users can view virtual objects augmented onto live real-world footage capture.

Many mobile games such as the successful Pokemon Go are powered by augmented reality, while cosmetics brands have also used the technology to let potential customers try on their products virtually before buying them physically.

Spatial reality

Virtual and augmented reality applications, no matter how convincing or real they may feel, still function more like interactive lenses than virtual worlds when you look at how they work. But what if you want a technology that truly transports your users into a whole new virtual environment?

This is where spatial reality comes in (our speciality!). It’s a whole new way to explore the immersive world of VR and interact with virtual objects like those in AR, all without a headset or any other ‘window’ to look through. Instead, you step into a portal with an all-encompassing environment, taking you on a journey and offering you a mesmerising experience.

Here at PortalCo, we believe spatial reality solutions are the future of immersive technology and how we consume our favourite content. That is why we offer a range of bespoke portal packages to suit you, offering your audience the opportunity to go on a captivating virtual journey like no other.

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