Productive virtual production in office. Low cost, low-risk, real-time review, real-time results.

PRoduction projected

Virtually Produced
3D Environments

Our developer options include the ability to work from Unity and other engines directly so you can immediately view, share and step directly into your work for a full 360 degree, spatial perspective. You can even edit directly from a remote PC and view your output in real-time collaborative environments.

Backdrops, scenes, settings, VFX or real-time edits & collaboration

Projection benefits becoming integral to the production process

Producing Results In 3D Environments

Simulate Any Environment

Create Collaboration

Real-Time Visuals

Alternate engagement

VFX edit & review in a customisable editing suite

Full 360 View- Don't miss a pixel

Real-time collaboration environments & testing

“It’s still early days, Virtual Production will become a regular staple of the VFX world and it will steadily become more commonplace over the next year or two,” Deguara says.

A world of environments, enveloped in a Portal

Making 3D Perspectives

Media Production Made Immensely Easy

Films are being created more and more immersively, so we created an immersive development suite to view edit and create your virtual and live action footage. 

Certain scenarios can be tested, developed and delivered via Portals, just like (and in tandem with) a PC or VR headset, with the ability to share these scenarios in groups creating an immediate test-bed for rapid analysis and decision-making.

Whether it’s a film, game, promo or ideation- Portals project perspective to you via a brand new 3D spatial medium.

A GAteway device to enable your studio

Pioneering the future of projection technology


As a virtual environment, you’re in total control with total flexibility for your inputs & outputs.


Utilise & create tools for asset handling, management & improved workflows with ease.


Giving you total control & maximising efficiencies enabling experimentation.

Know Your Flow?

Portal users often have a particular pipeline that Portals are inserted into. But what most don’t realise is that beyond this we support you in understanding how to further advance your efficiencies and adapt further into immersive technologies so that you can wander deeper into the benefits, cost-savings and dynamic human-centric workflows that will empower and enable people to interact better with their digital assets and processes. 

No fatigue, eye-strain or wires

Work Within Your Capture

It’s often hard to understand the full benefits of immersion, but virtual production is a scene-setting beauty when it comes to industry deliverables. The perspective of seeing an entire capture or created scene at once is hugely empowering, but also offers alternate viewpoints to analyse and work with. 


Through a shared view, with your team & view 360 landscapes from numerous perspectives
at once


Share the production process, work collaboratively in pre or post capture


Content & media by dynamically interacting with it whilst in production

High Volume

Rapid production, analysis, review and understanding in real-time- alongside your team


Review with peers, review simultaneously, review in full spatial 360 view.


Reduce the production process & it’s in-efficencies whilst empowering your people with Portal potential


The future of production, is very likely virtual. We’re already seeing games and films produced in VR, combining live action with virtual graphics, or solely dependent on virtual worlds. Portals are a link to accessing those virtual worlds, without leaving your physical one.

Building worlds in 3d


Often developed naturally in 360, portals provide a shared viewing platform with a 3D, physical and spatial sense instead of totally virtual. So, gamified content can be highly inspected and perceived by all of your team, together. We have created a variety of custom assets to directly enhance CG production capabilities of new and existing assets.

sharing ideas


Portal 360-degree perspectives offer more natural and physical assessments of digital assets instead of going full-virtual. Portals focus heavily on the spatial aspects of content and the understanding the user has within the content in a scene, be it through visual or interactive nature.

Are you projecting Virtual Production?

Identify your room or go agile, with a portable portal environment

Choose a Portal To Suit Your Space

Partnerships produce

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