Roomscale Projection Kit

Projection Kit

If you have the room- we have the kit. A simple, stripped out immersive solution that cuts out most of the cost. You don’t need screens, mounts, entrances, exits or a standalone 3D environment. You just need 1x Room and 1x Roomscale Projection Kit and we’ll do the rest. 

Omni-directional Audio Built-in

Realistic Approach To Integration

Fully immersive 360-degree View

Re-experience training days, meetings, visits

Intuitive UI For All-round Usability

Stream from anywhere to any device

Increased User Brain Activity

Designed for multiple engines

Sync teams, apps & locations

Virtual Projection Kit (VPK)

The Virtual Projection Kit is essentially a portal, without the screens and the independent, mobile Portal structure. Instead, these kits enable virtual projection as the most flexible and accessible offering currently on the market. All you need is a specified kit (considering your parameters) including access to the PortalPlay platform. You can install it yourself, or get our installation team to 3D map your room, then design and integrate your VPK within 3-hours.


Roomscale solutions are extremely affordable and flexible to your needs, whilst utilising our open platform to manage all of your content requirements and much more beyond. Our solutions are simple and adaptable because we understand that with where immersion is as an industry, it is very much about enabling users to get involved, to dip their toe, and to start with a wall or two- four, or even the floor. So we deliver to you a flexible platform, that puts you in control of your display technologies.


Your room has walls, and you don't have to map them all, an immersive solution can be adapted to a single wall, be it 4, 10 or 20m. The Play platform allows you to create immersive spaces of any variety, meaning you can flexibly deliver immersion of varying forms, all from one core hub.

Bring your subject into your spatial reality.

Find Your Room.
Create Your Space.
Enable Your People.

A solution for everyone with room to enhance their operation.

Access The Portal Play Platform Today

You’ll be surprised how accessible projection technology really is. 


Total Portal Package

A complete set-up including everything you need to integrate your content


Portals are ready-to-go. They’re ready-to-develop too & even content is portal ready

Flexible Platform

Flexible content management & creation platforms for all users.

360 Projection

Full 360 wraparound projection. No limits, no seriously.

Data Feeds

Multiple data feeds can be combined at a single instance through multi-view ability

Operating System

Base system for you to build from. Add your content & integrate our tools.

Natural Engagement

Engage naturally employing your sensory system that most technology abuses

Portal Play

Dynamic interactions enabled by the Play operating & content management system

Find Your 3D

We work in 2D, we live in 3D. We are built for 3D and work in 2D- see the problem?

Scale your ideas, walk into them, feel them, with immersive room projection.

What makes a Roomscale installation unique, is that not only are all of our solutions fully scalable, but fully flexible too.

singularity spherical dome 360 projection

3D Projection Environments

  •   Humanscale up-to 9m.
  •   Scalable solution.
  •   Fully synchronised projection reality.
  •   Custom builds available by in-house design team.
  •   In-house manufacturing facility Available.
  •   Built, delivered, installed and supported by our team.
  •   Large-scale deliveries, for your big ideas.
For use on website possible use inside a circle cut out(1)-min

Share VR, Share Virtually Anything

Working doesn’t have to be so static, so repetitive and so draining. What drains us is that our systems and interfaces are not designed to engage us, our computers don’t work for us, we work on them.So if we engage our teams with shareable, natural displays that encourage totally natural engagement, can work, learn and play harder, more actively, with our intuition.

Speak to one of our projection wizards

Portals are for everyone

Portals For Business

We understand that your business is investing in technology, to benefit your people. So we have a range of options available to suit your organisation, and you can guarantee that we will always be there, because once integrated we continually, monitor, support and evolve your teams understanding, the technologies performance and your outcomes. 

Portals For Developers

If you are looking to develop a use case, evolution or project, then we’re ready for that too. An industry-leading developer mode puts the power in your hands to create from any source of content or media, and of course our development and support teams are always on-hand to keep-up with yours.

Portals For People

Because Portals are not just the evolutionary platform for projection technology- it’s human technology, created to improve human-digital interactions. Technology to reconnect us and keep us in control and in touch with our digital assets as they evolve too. That’s the reason for inception, because people need intuitive and natural formats, not clunky input devices and blinding lights.



Room kits are great because they are our most affordable solution yet. They still depend on the all-encompassing Portal Play platform so you still get all the benefits of an interconnected Portal, it's just not portable but you can still connect rooms to other rooms.


Whilst a room is often thought of as four walls, sometimes a room has glass walls, blinds, or a curved asset. Well guess what? Portal Play handles that too, so once you have a Portal, you then have the keys to make a Portal out of any space. You wizard you.


Portal Play is not just about making immersive content work, it's also about enabling your workflows, enabling you to create new workflows, new ways to engage with content and new ways to edit it, as well as enabling your current processes to step into the realm of 3D spatial immersion, because far more than your eyes and senses, it is ultimately your brain and output where the value truly lies.

Got Walls? Then You're Portal-ready.

What's in the Roomscale VPK?

  •   4-8 3D Projectors
  •   360-directional sound system
  •   Intuitive simplified user interface
  •   Multiple control mechanisms
  •   A variety of specifiable inputs
  •   Full 360° branded exterior options
  •   Remote control, viewing & access
  •   3D scanning/blueprint of environment for configuration

Rapid Portal Process

We plan, devise your immersive strategy, we integrate and you deliver to your people. And if we go into the future a little bit more, we also  make sure your tech keeps evolving with the needs of your people and your organization. Speak to our experts to find out more how we can help you journey into a more immersive reality. 

And whilst you might think an installation requires weeks of production, design work and scanning, we cut this right down, because what matters is the portal, you and your content. So we invested in a UK production facility to house all of our developments, meaning we can deliver to you in as little as 14-days. 


And understand the most immediate needs, mission critical and short-mid term goals.


With integrated custom programs/as requested/pre-loaded.


With your people, training mechanisms and systems


We evolve the plan, and we mould the portal with your human and organizational evolution.

Growing your organisation through effective delivery of an immersive strategy

As we evolve into our future user interfaces will be increasingly immersive, they have to be, to enable us and adapt our sensory system to a digitised world. So we'll help you develop and deliver an immersive strategy bespoke to your people, your goals, and your needs. And it's easy because the PortalPlay platform is built to grow, and we are here to support your innovations- here's just a few

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